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  • November 13th, 2019: Kaira Jewel Lingo

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    Grow the Good: Applying Wise Diligence to Incline our Minds towards Wellbeing and Resilience

    The Buddha offered 4 ways to practice Wise Diligence, which is one of the aspects of the Eightfold Path. These are: Wake up wholesome mind states when they are not arising in the mind, Keep wholesome min...

  • November 6th, 2019: Caverly Morgan

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    The Absolute is the Relative: Touching Race, Injustice, and Love

    When we engage in the distortion that the relative plane is separate from the absolute – that it is something to transcend or ‘just an illusion’ – we ignore the reality of the illusion. What is the illusion comprised of? How is it ...

  • October 30th, 2019: Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls

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    Grounding in the Body

    In this session, we will practice grounding in our physical bodies through very gentle movement and sounding. The point of these techniques is to remind us to continually dissolve the body-mind-heart split inherited and enforced in western hegemony. Grounding in the body is...

  • Sensei Alex Kakuyo: October 23rd, 2019

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    Using Faith to Combat Spiritual Materialism in Buddhist Sanghas

    Sensei Alex Kakuyo uses the teachings of Shinjin and Harukai to illustrate the dangers of spiritual materialism in Dharma practice. Referencing passages from the Lotus Sutra and the Lankavatara Sutra he discusses the inherent enligh...

  • October 16th, 2019: Karen G. Williams

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    Setting Things in Motion: Cultivating Kind Intentions

    This talk will explore the impact of our motivations and how to practice with intentions. We will dive into what it is to bring kind intentions to our practice, therefore our lives.

    The cost for this talk is $10 for the General Public and $2...

  • October 9th, 2019: Karma Lödrö Gyendon

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    The Past and Future are Present

    Acknowledging the presence of history in one’s immediate experience is the practice of a warrior bodhisattva. As human beings we often try to do whatever we can to ignore the unpleasant reality about our pasts, but this simply creates more suffering in the present...

  • October 2nd, 2019: Adriana DiFazio

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    Dharma as Lifestyle: Expanding Our Path

    How can we integrate our spiritual practice with our lifestyle? The Five Precepts offers ethical guidelines on to how live mindfully, but how do we practically interpret and apply them to our day-to-day? This talk focuses on how contemplating our lifestyle...

  • September 25th, 2019: Justin Miles

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    Realizing Enlightened Black Society

    Justin F. Miles will share his experience of creating and facilitating the Black Power Meditation Group in Baltimore Maryland and discuss the importance of sanghas holding spaces for so called “affinity groups” of all races and ways of being.

    The cost for thi...

  • September 18th, 2019: Vic Vega

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    Off The Cushion

    The practice on the cushion gives us the building blocks to be able to experience more peace and joy in our everyday. The ultimate purpose of meditation is for it to help us off the cushion, and that's exactly what it naturally does. But on the really challenging days, can our pr...

  • September 11th, 2019: A BIPOC Panel

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    The Importance of Community: Featuring Aarti Tejuja, Joy Gutierrez, Martina Bouey, Dr. Claudelle Glasgow, & Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls

    This panel of meditation teachers focusing on issues facing Buddhist, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other communities. How does community, meditation, and connection help u...

  • September 4th, 2019: David Perrin

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    Don’t Drop Me: Story vs Storyline

    Meditators are often advised to “drop the storyline and return to the breath”. The intention in shamatha is to become familiar with our storylines so that we are not captivated, captured, defined or dictated by them. However, dropping the storyline doesn’t mean ...

  • August 28th, 2019: Dr. Hun Lye

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    Between the Four Noble Rumors & Four Noble Truths

    Rather than relating to the Buddha's teachings such as the Four Noble Truths as ultimate, capital-T truths to believe in, or to accept or to brand ourselves, these teachings can only work when we use them the way the Buddha intended - to be devel...

  • August 21st, 2019: Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls

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    Am I Bullshittin'?: Relating to Others Authentically

    How do we each engage in spiritual bypassing, spiritual gaslighting, and materialism when we don't acknowledge the reality of our embodiment and how that shapes our relationship to other beings, to ourselves, and our environment? This talk foc...

  • August 14th, 2019: Jasmine Syedullah

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    Feeling Ourselves, De-Centering Whiteness

    You know it’s there, even when you can’t see it, you can still sense it. It promises freedom, but delivers isolation, fear, and competition. When the dream is over, but we can’t wake up, how do we shake the hold of whiteness? Dr. Sy is sitting with her o...

  • August 7th, 2019: Jessica Angima

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    Shame: A Bright Guardian of the World

    The Buddha once taught his 7-year-old son Rahula to examine his actions, as he would his face in a mirror, to make sure that he harmed no one—neither himself nor anyone else. It's easy to judge the actions of others, but what happens when we look in the mirr...

  • July 31st, 2019: Lama Rod Owens

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    The Dharma of Resiliency

    Resiliency is such an important skill to develop right now. Resiliency is about how well we are able to meet the challenges of our lives with a sense of openness and curiosity that helps us to regain our balance. Balance means understanding how to return back to a sense...

  • July 24th, 2019: Aarti Tejuja

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    Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine

    All of us have both feminine and masculine energies. In modern times, the feminine has been devalued, abused, ridiculed and smothered while masculinity has become glorified. Our society has dictated that one is more valuable than the other, creating a...