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  • Recorded Talk: Aarti Tejuja (January 13, 2020)

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    Unearthing the Heart of Transformative Justice

    Transformative Justice is an alternative approach to responding to conflict, harm, violence, and abuse. Current responses often uphold a punitive approach as a means of resolution. Transformative approaches seek to uncover justice through the means ...

  • Recorded Talk: Shanté Paradigm Smalls (1.20.20)

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    Victory Over Aggression

    Aggression is described as one of the Three Poisons in Buddhist thought (along with ignorance and passion). This talk will engage embodied and spoken practices to help us work with self-aggression and aggression toward and from others.

    This is a pre-recorded session.


  • Live Talk: Sheena Brockington-Taylor (1.27.20)

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    The Heart is Talking

    An exploration of the beauty and practice of compassion.

    Sheena Brockington-Taylor (she/her/hers) is a Baltimore-based marketing consultant for health, wellness, and lifestyle brands and growth product manager of Weekly Dharma Gathering. She is also a restorative yoga teach...

  • Live Talk: Alex Van Gils (January 6th, 2020)

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    In this moment of marking a new year, we can look at our life, what we value, and how we want to structure our days to reflect that. There is a power to holding a discipline of daily creativity or expression—what can come from this space? How can it relate to our practice of meditation?

    Alex Va...