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  • Live Talk: Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls (04.28.21)

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    Guided Rest

    Grounded in embodiment, this practice makes use of our lungta (Windhorse/energy) to both rouse us and ground us in our bodies, our environment, and in our reality. Participants will be given copy of the Ground Lungta practice.

    Dr. Shanté Paradigm Smalls (They/Them) is a teacher and ...

  • Live Talk: Kristina Lopez (3.31.21)

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    Liberating Death

    Death is scary! The concept of a good death is something that is ever shifting depending on our intersecting identities. Our relationship to death can be tinged with various emotions: fear, grief, acceptance, curiosity. How can we cultivate mindfulness of our mortality? Meditati...

  • Live Talk: Brittany Micek (04.07.21)

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    Radically Imagining Collective Liberation

    Radical imagination is a concept and action. It is our capacity to imagine the world as it might be otherwise. For us to practice this concept we cannot do it alone. As individuals we cannot daydream and call it an act of radical imagination, no matter h...

  • Live Talk: David Perrin (04.21.21)

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    The MAP: Mindfulness - Awareness - Presence

    Mindfulness is both a way of being, and a set of practices. Modern mindfulness goes beyond simply a way of focusing and de-exciting the mind/body (although that is helpful). When we consider the basis of awareness, and the embodiment of authentic prese...