Recorded Talk: Tuyet Cullen (9/30/20)

Recorded Talk: Tuyet Cullen (9/30/20)

Staying Engaged and Compassionate while Being a Public School Teacher

Meditation is not meant to exist in a vacuum of comfort. As meditators, we have a responsibility to offer our practice to our communities. However, this does not mean we should martyr ourselves. Our practice connects us to our hearts and brings us back to the middle way. Please join Tuyet Cullen as she shares her experiences staying engaged and compassionate while working in the institution of public education.

Tuyet Cullen has been in public education for 17 years in Madison, Wisconsin. She started meditating at the start of her teaching career. Her path as a meditator and her path as a teacher are one in the same. Meditation has given her space to be present and compassionate with her students and co-workers and teaching has given her an understanding of the spaciousness of the human heart. Mining these experiences has given her the tools to constantly build, tear-down and build again a container in her classroom where students feel seen for who they are and a little bit more confident in taking risks. Her path continues to support constant reflection and adjusting of her craft as a teacher, especially in how she works with children of color and LGBTQI students.

She is a member of the Core Mindfulness Team for the Madison Metropolitan School District, where she provides experiences for teachers to cultivate and sustain a mindfulness practice. She has previously served as the Centre Director and Director of Practice and Education for the Madison Shambhala Centre.

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Recorded Talk: Tuyet Cullen (9/30/20)